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Deutsche Bank

Cascãd has coached Thomas Klemm, Managing Director, Global Head of WM Digital and COO WM Americas, Deutsche Bank since 2015. This also involves working with various members of his team.

 “What makes my heart sing?” - this question has certainly become a turning point not only within my professional career but also for my private life. In 2013, I questioned the purpose of my work when I first met Hannah and she asked me that question about my heart. With her help, I realised how important it is to focus on aligning goals in private life and professional career. Hannah was instrumental in helping me carve out what I really enjoyed as well as my strengths. Her help, strong psychological background and skillset also allowed me to master challenging situations and see them as part of a bigger journey: that by a change in perspective did not drain energy anymore but motivated me to keep going and improving. I am personally very thankful to Hannah as she was a key enabler to a wonderful journey!

Thomas Klemm, Managing Director, Global Head of WM Digital and COO WM Americas

Deutsche Bank


Roche Diabetes Care IT Leadership Team

An ongoing programme developing the Leadership Team and how they identify as leaders as they deliver a global digital transformation project.

Hannah has been coaching our Leadership Team for the last two years. Her contribution is key to helping us continue growing as a team but specially in our personal development.


I am growing as professional but also as individual, particularly in communication and my self-confidence, to become the type of leader I want to be, to learn how to set up the right work life balance and definitely “Changing the Game!”


Her way of coaching and getting the best of you, her way of “guiding” (not forcing) you outside your comfort zone and her expertise, professionalism and charisma make working with Hannah a great experience and a real pleasure. I am 100% convinced we have created a long-term relationship.


Thanks Hannah for helping me to “Show Up!”

Mario de Rodriguez de Roa, Head of IT Operations

Roche Diabetes Care


BNP Paribas

An ongoing leadership development programme since 2014, working with numerous Senior Executives in various departments.

I have been fortunate enough to get promoted several times in my career so far but my actual career progression didn’t happen until I met Hannah. My sessions with her were instrumental in getting me to understand not only the political landscape I was in and how to navigate that better, but also understand myself better: who I am today and who I want to grow into. I always knew the value of influencing, but my sessions with Hannah have equipped me with the skills, patience and strategic thinking needed to influence people higher and lower in the hierarchy.

Once you really understand yourself and the landscape you are in and therefore you know where you want to be…and you know how to truly influence…then there is really very little that can stop you. I cannot think of anyone better than Hannah to help you with that journey. She’s played a critical role in my journey so far and I have every intention of continuing with her! 

Fatos Akbay, Head of Rates Structuring & Global Coordinator for Rates Solution Business

BNP Paribas

Hannah has played an integral role in my personal and professional development. I have achieved clarity and developed my confidence during some extremely challenging times. Hannah is someone who you can trust and will help you reach your goal via a greater level of self-awareness, insightfulness and curiosity to explore a greater and meaningful life. A truly exceptional professional coach, I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough.

Peter Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer, Global Investor Coverage

BNP Paribas



Cascãd worked with Philippe initially at Roche Pharmaceuticals and then at PATH: a NGO, which consists of a global team of innovators working to accelerate health equity so all people and communities can thrive.

Hannah's high level of empathy is an essential skill, which enables her to change people's life. She is also direct and does not hesitate to call the "elephant in the room". Hannah’s combination of big picture painting and progress tracking is amazing to help you realise when progress is achieved and how much closer to your goal you are, but also forces you to readjust and take active role in your own development.

Phillipe Guinot, Country Programs


Formerly International Business Leader

Roche Pharmaceuticals


Nestle BabyNes

A 2-year global innovation project with Nestlé Nutrition in Vevey, Switzerland, coaching the VP to become an inspiring and motivating leader and developing a cohesive Leadership Team with the necessary passion and cohesion to implement the project. The outcome resulted in the successful launch of the product and subsequent individual global career progressions for the VP and the members of his team.

I have known Hannah for 10 years now and have highly appreciated working with her. She is able to customise highly effective programs which have had a lasting impact on my team and me. She is very candid and pushes the envelope in a smart, emotionally considerate yet effective way and in doing so forces the team to grow and bond.I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from my team. Hannah is able to connect with people and make a difference. I would strongly recommend her.

Martin Grieder, Group Vice President & CMO

Sonova Group


Formerly Vice President, Global Head Nestle BabyNes


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