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Creating the future: Hope and Light

My 3 Wishes for 2021

Each year in December I create my 3 Wishes for the following year. This ritual is my chance to reflect on the year ending: its quintessential flavour, its highlights and also its low moments. And then, as the New Year approaches, I turn forwards and create my 3 Wishes and their implementing actions for the next year.

This year, as with so many things, I am doing my ritual differently. I am sharing my reflections of 2020 and my 3 wishes for 2021 in a video discussion with Dr. Richard Sibthorpe who is out in California. I have known Richard for several years. He is an extraordinary man and practitioner with remarkable knowledge, expertise and integrity. Richard also has a very bright mind and is constantly exploring cutting edge research to enhance his work:

Richard and I both share a passion for life and learning as you will see in our discussion:

I wish you all a very happy festive season and a 2021 rich with great love, joy and very magical adventures!

Hannah Elizabeth Greenwood


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