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Our New World

I have known Leighton Sharpe for a few years. Leighton is an actor, presenter and he is also my Barre teacher. Barre is a combination of ballet exercises with elements of pilates, yoga and strength training.

Leighton and his husband, Dean, have their own boutique fitness company, Coach and Sharpe* offering 1:1 personal training as well as running a variety of online fitness classes, including Barre. These classes got me through the lockdowns! It wasn’t only the much-needed exercise and movement. It was also their energy and passion that oozed through the screen. There were many times I’d start a class with Leighton, wiped after an intense working day onscreen and with the intention of doing just 5 minutes, and each time his joyous positive energy would pull me through.

Leighton always reads Cascãd’s Perspectives Posts and gives such insightful feedback. It was his feedback on our International Women’s Day video discussion, The Pursuit of Balance and the question regarding how men now are different to their fathers/grandfathers, that prompted me to ask Leighton if he would join me in this video discussion: Our New World. We also talk about authentic positive energy and its surprising connection to vulnerability.

Hannah Elizabeth Greenwood

*Leighton Sharpe Instagram: @leightonsharpe,

Coach and Sharpe Instagram: @coachandsharpe

Coach and Sharpe website:


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