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Ground Your Vision: 2023

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The Wolf Moon: 06.01.2023

Our December Perspectives Post focussed on creating the quintessential flavour desired for 2023 and the 3 Wishes that will make it more specific and personal:

Making New Year wishes is a tradition common to many cultures. New Year is the promise of real change, letting go of anything in our life that is making us unhappy and bringing in all that is good and joyful. Today is Chinese New Year and there will be many rituals happening to encourage happiness, health, prosperity etc. Making these wishes is easy. It’s the invitation to envision extraordinary possibilities… what we might have deemed impossible…and the more creative we are, the more thrilling and inventive this exercise will be.

Ensuring our vision happens is very different. It demands a very different aspect of ourselves, moving from the creative, imaginative part of our brain to the implementing action part and that can feel very daunting. It requires great focus, courage and discipline to ground our vision and it’s why so many fail to do so: ‘Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.’ Thomas Edison.

So, what helps to ground your vision?

1. Work out how you sabotage yourself:

Humans have extraordinarily powerful brains, and we unconsciously resist change, even positive change, because we have been taught to fear the unknown. Our brain plays tricks on us: being cynical, doubting, not feeling worthy, freezing in fear, over-thinking, not remembering why it’s so important to us, or being distracted by the ‘noise’.

Understanding the ‘games’ we play to sabotage ourselves defuses their power and releases our brain for what it’s great at: figuring out the best steps forwards.

2. You have to believe in yourself and know you are worthy of receiving:

If we don’t believe passionately that we are worthy and deserving of receiving…in this case of receiving/gaining our deeply desired vision… we will inevitably create the defeatist outcome we most fear. Change is a given: the choice is whether we influence/create the outcome or not. In a Perspectives Post last year I wrote:

‘Love is only genuine when it is a two-way process. My focus on giving was out of balance and masking a blind spot in me, namely that I didn’t know how to receive. And so, I had to go down THAT rabbit hole! …

How can I spend so much time and energy creating the right mindset and conditions for the future I want, if I panic and potentially reject it when it comes in?...

As part of my homework on receiving, I asked myself: what if I am the block? Am I getting in my own way?

3. Create the right conditions for change, starting with Self-Care:

Listen to your Intuitive Intelligence, NQ, your inner voice. This is our greatest guide and the source of our imagination and hope. Feed it with healthy nutrients: creative stillness, film, theatre, music, dance, art, great literature etc. Create visual guides such as images, photos, collages and practice personal mantras, reinforcing positive messages. You will need these when you wobble…and you will periodically wobble!.. in the face of those forces resistant to you implementing your vision.

Keep tuned into your Physical Intelligence, PQ. This is our instinctual body: feed it with physical fitness, happy energy, healthy Nature, nutrition and sleep. This is the source of our positive energy and involves understanding our personal rhythm and how and when we are at our best. Timing and Pacing is everything going forwards.

Let go of the negative people in your life. There will always be many doubters, even loved ones, who fear change and will try, albeit unconsciously, to sabotage us. To balance these, we need to create our inner circle, others also finding the courage to ground their vision. They will be your kindred spirits and companions going forwards.

4. Great focus and tenacity:

Understanding is not enough. We can have all the wishes, self-awareness and self-care sorted but unless we are willing to be hungry…really hungry… and focussed, our vision will merely be a dream and come to nothing.

This is about activating the hunter-gatherer in ourselves. You will need to dig deep into your own inner resources, and you will be astonished how much more resilient you are than you thought.

Don’t get overly distracted by others’ needs and by fights that are not yours. Keep believing in yourself and your vision. You can make amendments and adjustments but do not give up! Behave, think, look, feel ‘as if’ you are already in your new world. This is not about faking it. It’s about tapping into an aspect of yourself that has been dormant.

5. Huge courage:

It takes huge courage to ground our vision and the greater our fear, the greater our courage needs to be. We will never secure our vision if we get stuck in fear, telling ourselves: ‘I will go for it if I’m 100% guaranteed it will work’ or ‘I’ll keep holding tight to what I’ve got, however miserable I am, until fate brings something better.’ This is our brain playing games with us again.

Another mind game is a wilful gung-ho attitude, jumping into the deep end with eyes tightly shut. There is indeed an element of taking a deep breath and making the leap, our instinctual body overriding our anxiously stuck IQ, but if we keep moving blindly, we set ourselves up to fail at the first hurdle. We have to do our part and move consciously forwards, step by step, breath by breath, beat by beating heartbeat.

We don’t deny our fear, but we learn to use it as the prompt to get us out of bed in the morning and to get out of the way of the sabre-toothed tiger! If we transform our relationship to fear, it loses its terrifying grip on us and it becomes a helpful guide, alerting us to the many twists and turns ahead of us.

And this is the real gold: in our quest to secure our vision, we increasingly experience a deep awe that we found the courage to go on this path and this, in turn, develops greater inner confidence and resilience to embrace our new world going forwards.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and may you ground your vision for 2023 beautifully and with great joy and happiness!

Hannah Elizabeth Greenwood


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